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Use of Proceeds: Purchases of Owner Occupied Commercial Real Estate, Acquisitions, Franchises, Leasehold
Improvements, Working Capital, Debt Refinancing, and Equipment.

Expand your facilities - If your business
is growing, a 7(a) loan can provide
financing to add on to your current


Buy an existing building - Acquire an
existing property and renovate it to
house your operations. SBA 7(a) loans
provide financing at competitive rates.

At Yes Financial Service, we're here to break the
notion that business loans are for those looking to
survive. It's there for those who are looking to
thrive. We will help you step by step to advise you
on the best commercial loan program. Let us
partner with you and help you on your journey to
success. We will help secure long-term financing to
grow your business to the next level.

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