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SBA Loans

Latest Update: The SBA is waiving the guarantee fee on loan amounts up to $1,000,000 



-The SBA is currently offering long term financing over 10 and 25 year terms. Due to new changes in the SBA's standard operating procedures, it is easier than ever to get a SBA loan in the new year.


-Call (954) 371-0069 for more information regarding our SBA 7 (a) program.




SBA 7 (a) Financing Program



-Use of Proceeds: Purchases of Owner Occupied Commercial Real Estate, Acquisitions, Franchises,

Leasehold Improvements, Working Capital, Debt Refinancing, and Equipment.


-Maximum Loan Amount: $5,000,000


-Terms: 10-25 Years


-Prepayment Penalty: No Prepayment Penalty for Loans Under 15 Years.


-Processing Time: 30-45 Days


-Interest Rate: WSJ Prime Rate + 1.75%-2.75% Bank Margin *Interest Rate Subject to Change Based on Adjustments to the WSJ Prime Rate.


Minimum Requirements:


-US Citizen OR Green Card Holder


-640+ Credit Score (If Multiple Business Owners, Combined Average Credit Score Must be 640+)


-No Bankruptcies or Foreclosures in the Past 3 Years


-No Charge Offs or Defaults on Federal Loan Programs


-No Tax Liens 

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